London 2012 U.S. Paralympic gold medalist Mallory Weggemann is driven by the friends and family who have made her who she is today. Join Hershey’s in sending love to Team USA with #HelloFromHome. 
"Hershey’s Presents Hello From Home: U.S. Paralympian, Mallory Weggemann"

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She started swimming at the age of 7. You know, was a high school captain. She's got the strength, the courage, to push beyond anything that's put in front of her.  
Walking was taken away but swimming was something that could never be taken away.  
I think for Mallory, the water is a sanctuary. It's the joy of being out of her chair and free. 
She's able to be 5'9", stretch out and just swim.  
She's made an incredible commitment to this and has missed a lot of things. 
I wish that she was home more and traveling less.  
You'll see times where maybe she's been on the road, all she wants to do is just come home.  
While she's alone in the pool, it's important for her to realize, we're with you. We're here.  
OK, Does it got chocolate bars in it? Yes! Mal, I want you to know that no matter what happens in Rio, I'm so very proud of you. What you have accomplished can't be measured by a medal. I love you. Jessica. You've worked so hard for this, sacrificed so much that it's a real inspiration to us. Without these people, I wouldn't be doing this. And now I'm fighting for a chance to win gold in Rio and that's not because I'm good. That's because I have this.

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Hershey's | U.S. Paralympics Official Sponsor 
Mallory Weggemann | U.S. Paralympian, Swimming 
Send your love to Team USA with #HelloFromHome. 
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