This commercial features Dallas Cowboys Wide Receiver, Dez Bryant. The black and white commercial begins with Dez Bryant speeding through the streets in a LamborghiniCowboys wide receiver, and Jordan fan, Dez Bryant races through dark city streets in his Lamborghini. He pulls up in front of a jewelry store with a neon sign that reads "Rings". Inside is a wide array of Championship rings belonging to Michael Jordan. Dez Bryant talks about a dream he had that he was Michael Jordan, all while making his way through the store and into a locked back room where Joe Haden, Jalen Ramsey and Victor Oladipo are working out, waiting on Dez's arrival.  
"The Jordan Breakfast Club"

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The other night, I dreamt I was Michael Jordan. Every game was a win. And it all came easy. And then I woke up and went to work.  
You late! 
Nah, you early.

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This Is Jordan Breakfast Club 
Est. 1989 
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