U.S. Olympian Jordan Burroughs drowns out negativity with positive thinking and goodness. #NoBadStuff 
"Team USA & Chobani Present: Jordan Burroughs on Staying Positive"

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I wasn't always the best growing up. Um, I was the youngest of four, I was the runt in the family. I was, uh, I didn't place in State until my Junior year. Basic, my nickname, they called me Halftime Show. And so whenever I'd come up to wrestle, they'd laugh at me say all the people would go to the concession stand to get hot dogs and popcorn. I was a late bloomer, late developer and it took me a long time to really find an identity as a wrestler. So once I established an identity, I became more confident in my abilities, developed as a man physically, that's when I really took off.

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Team USA And Chobani 
Working Out With Team USA 
Jordan Burroughs 
2012 Olympic Champion 
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