"US Women's Soccer Team Deserves Equal Pay" 
3 World Cup wins, 4 Olympic golds, countless world records, yet still paid a fraction of the less impressive men's team. 
This ad features a split screen of a woman and a man playing soccer. They are doing all the same training and moves, but when the woman tries to kick a goal, a glass "ceiling" blocks her shot.

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The United States Women's National Team trains just as hard. They run just as hard. They play just as hard. And they win it all on turf. So, with 4 gold medals and 3 World Cup titles shouldn't they make just as much as the men? The glass ceiling - it's still there. Support the team. Demand equality with the United States Women's National Team. Demand equal pay for equal play.

Written Text

4 Gold Medals 
3 World Cup Titles 
Ultra Violot 
Paid for by Ultraviolet Education Fund 
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