"Domino’s TV Commercial 2016 - Pizza Payback" 
We had a $7.99 Large 3-Topping Monday – Thursday carryout deal, which means if you carried out Friday – Sunday, you paid more. That’s not right, so we’re extending our $7.99 carryout deal to every day, and giving America a Pizza Payback. 
Enter for a chance to win your payback at

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Domino's has a $7.99, Monday through Thursday carry-out deal, but if you carry out Friday through Sunday you might have felt bamboozled. So we're extending the deal to every day and giving people who paid more a little payback. 
Like the Smith family who got free pizza for a year. They love pizza. 
We gave Brad a day with the Noid. You're welcome. 
And we gave Erjed a nightlight. Payback. 
Go to for a chance to get yours, and carry-out large 3-topping pizzas for $7.99, now every day.

Written Text

Large 3-topping 
$7.99 each 
Monday - Thursday 
Carryout Only 
Every day 
Jevin Smith

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