Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo put the Ding in Dinger with their new business, Bryzzo Souvenir Company #THIS 
"Bryant and Rizzo go into the souvenir business #THIS"

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This is Kris Bryant. And this is Anthony Rizzo. As the muscle of the Chicago Cubs lineup, they decided to go into business. The souvenir business. 
Bryzzo Souvenir Company, please hold.  
We founded Bryzzo Souvenir Company to get you the homerun balls you deserve.  
Help me help you get some baseballs.  
It's a good deal, Jack. 
Have you seen us play? We authentic them with our bats. 
9 ounce balls.  
You know Home Run Derby balls are gonna be more than that.  
I shouldn't be eating like this.  
Dude, this guy Vince. Are we shipping to Saint Louis? That's why we're best friends.  
Take it or leave it. Deal.  
Woo! Another one. 
Each ball's authenticated by our bat.  
You like home run balls? 
We've got home run balls. 
Hey Kris, are these for Nebraska? 
All right, Nebraska. That's what I thought. 
We put the ding in dinger.  
They ain't lyin'.

Written Text

Bryzzo Souvenir Co. 

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