"Powerade Very Real Power" 
This ad shows coverage from a traffic helicopter. The reporter is talking about an accident that has traffic backed up and at a stand-still. The camera then focuses on a jogger who starts running up an open drawbridge. She gets to the top and jumps the gap and keeps going. 
(For the record, this is CGI. No one actually jumped the draw bridge.)

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

It is gonna be late for work this morning. On the West bound side of the Market Street bridge, just put 'er in park and recline the seats. Both lanes of traffic are blocked up due to a two-car accident. No report of injuries at this time. Men in blue are on the scene breaking out the barricades. Traffic looks... hold on a second. There's a woman. She is going up the side of the bridge, and the bridge is up! The bridge is up! Oh! She jumped the bridge! Oh my, she jumped the bridge! A woman...

Written Text

Very real power 
Powerade with B vitamins 
Powerade does not increase strength. It provides carbohydrate fuel.

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