"Clean Matte BB Cream for Oily Skin with Zendaya | COVERGIRL" 
Do you have oily skin? The Clean Matte BB Cream from CoverGirl controls oil and shine all day. So you can shine like the star you are, while keeping your face shine free. MicroPowders mattify, beautify, YOUtify!

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My parents always told me, "Zendaya, you are born to shine." I don't think they meant my face. Clean Matte BB Cream from Covergirl. Finally, naturally clean coverage that controls oil and shine all day. A lightweight formula lets skin breathe with amazing micro-powders that mattified, beautified, beautify. Shine like the star you are. Just keep your face shine-free. It's Clean Matte BB Cream from Clean Boutique.

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Covergirl, Cover Girl 
Covergirl Clean Matte 550 BB Cream for Oily Skin 
Shine free all day 
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