Get pain relief by saying goodbye to your old mattress at Mattress Firm.  
"Say Goodbye to Your Aching Back I Mattress Firm"

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What could saying goodbye to your lumpy old mattress help you say goodbye to? 
Drinking energy drinks to get through the day.  
Needing sleep aids to get a good night's sleep. 
Taking pain pills for my aching back. 
'Cause if your mattress is over 8, chances are you're not getting the comfort or support you need to sleep your best.  
So if you wanna say goodbye to... 
Feeling tired. 
Needing sleep aids. 
My aching back. 
...check your mattress tag. If it's over 8, it's time to replace. At Mattress Firm. 
(Lyrics) Save money, sleep happy

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$9 billion was spent on energy drinks in one year 
70 million Americans used sleep aids 
81% of Americans reported waking up with aches & pains 
Replace Every 8  
Mattress Firm

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