Remember when Cindy Crawford, the biggest supermodel in the 90s, starred in that steamy Pepsi ad? 
Now watch the version that Pepsi don't want you to see... 
"Crystal Pepsi - The ad they don't want you to see"

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Check out the new look! 
Yeah. What is that? 
(Lyrics) If I could have a dream, I wouldn't be so blue 
I've never seen a girl as sweet as you 
When I go to sleep, I just keep counting sheep 
If I could have a dream, I'd have a dream of you, sweetheart makes me want to cry 
I long to see your face 
When I close my eyes 
I wake up in the morning and cry

Written Text

Crystal Pepsi 
New Look 
Same Palm Oil Problem 
PepsiCo Buys Over 470,000 Tons Of Palm Oil Per Year. 
PepsiCo's Products Are Driving Rainforest Destruction 
PepsiCo's Products Are Driving The Exploitation Of Workers In Indonesia 
PepsiCo's Products Are Threatening The Habitat Of Endangered Animals 
Tell PepsiCo To Commit To Using Only Truly Responsible Palm Oil 
Sign The Petition

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