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What does it take to be an Olympian? Sport Chek's Olympic athletes currently include: Mark McMorris, Charles Hamelin, Meaghan Mikkelson, Chris Del Bosco, Jon Montgomery, Kaillie Humphries, Erik Guay, MaĆ«lle Ricker and Sidney Crosby. 
This Canadian Olympics ad for the 2014 Winter Olympics shows a number of Olympians training for the games. 
* A snowboarder going down the slopes with a road flare 
* A speed skater on the ice with parachutes behind him to create drag 
* A man on an exercise bike at the stroke of midnight on New Years Eve 
* A woman jogging in the morning and running faster than the morning paperboy on his bike 
* A man sleeping at the airport 
* Someone going up a ski lift late at night or very early in the morning 
* A man Skyping with his family while he's away for training 
* A man pushing a weighted sleigh with a trainer on it in the gym 
* Snowboarders crashing and landing hard on the slopes and half pipe 
* A woman getting a tattoo 
* A woman training for hockey on an ice skating simulator/equipment 
* A slalom competitor in a wind tunnel 
* A woman shaving her head 
* Someone freezing a penny in the ice of a hockey rink 
* Sidney Crosby on a faceoff 
* An Olympic photo shoot

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What does it take to be an Olympian? It takes 8000 hours of flight time. It takes a second and the third wind. It takes missing the party, and beating the early edition. It takes a good night's sleep, alone time, and family time. It takes words of encouragement, and some rough days on the job. It takes attitude and innovation. It takes rituals and superstitions. It takes the pressure of a repeat performance, and knowing that an entire country has your back

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Sport Check, SportChek 
Happy New Year 
Believe 2.24.10 
Sport Check 
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