"Olympic Manifesto #2 | #WhatItTakes #Rio2016" 
Competition is pain and passion, highs and lows, grit and greatness. No story is complete without both sides. This is #WhatItTakes #Rio2016 
Written & Spoken by Shane Koyczan in collaboration with Sport Chek and TBWA\Chiat\Day NY

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What will you do when your lungs burn and your body shakes ? 
When the disaster in your muscles go from tremors to earthquakes? 
How will you hold on when every rung you reach for shatters in your grasp, and there are more ways to fall than there are to climb ? 
How will you keep going when the hands on the clock refuse to applaud you until your best time is a broken record that skips over your next heartbeat? 
How will you move forward when your feet feel like anchors you must drag across the finish line? 
How will you sharpen into an exclamation point the curled up question mark of your spine? 
What will it take to keep you from doubting yourself this time?

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