“When I see how dedicated she is, it humbles me.” 
Find out how hard Simone Biles works to make her dreams a reality. 
"Unlimited Simone Biles"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

When she was a little girl, Simone was very hyperactive. Always flipping around in the house... 
Uh-oh. That was ugly. I don't care. 
...and always non-stop energy. That's just my Simone. She is one of the most competitive, stubborn person that I know. In gymnastics, discipline is a big thing. And she's very driven, she's very focused, but she likes to have fun. If she goes in and she's looking serious, it's not going to be a good meet. But if my daughter is acting silly, if she's giggly, she's gonna have a good meet. I've seen her from the time she was 6 putting everything into this sport, and when I see how dedicated she is, it humbles me. I always tell her, don't forget to be the best, Simone.  
Bye. I'm smiling. You can stop it now.  
Just be the best.

Written Text

Unlimited Simone 
Unlimited Vision 
Unlimited Hope 
Unlimited Conviction 
Unlimited Force 
Unlimited Commitment  
Unlimited Drive 
Unlimited Courage 
Unlimited Flexibility 
Unlimited Potential 
Unlimited Dreams 
Just Do It.

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