"Nike: Unlimited Youth" 
Youth has no age limit. This ad originally aired during the 2016 Rio Olympic Games features a touch-as-nails, nearly 90 year old nun who competes in Iron Man competitions. 

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Madonna Buder. An 86-year-old nun.  
Oh, sorry, Sister. Sister Madonna Buder, 86 years old, goes for a morning run. Good for you, sister. She's still active at her age, that's...great. Whoa. Maybe a little too active. Naptime, sister? 
I don't think so.  
The sister doesn't think so, OK...Wait, what? Ironman? Oh no, no, no, no. This is a bad idea, sister. A real bad idea. Someone stop... 
Relax! She's the Iron Nun! 
Bur she won't make it, this is an Ironman!  
The first 45 didn't kill me! 
You've done 45 of these? OK, do your thing, sister. Do your thing.

Written Text

Sister Madonna Buder 
86 Years Old 
Unlimited Youth 
Just Do It. 
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