To celebrate the arrival of the highly anticipated No Man’s Sky™ which is available now on PlayStation®4, Sony Interactive Entertainment UK has unveiled a new video following comedian Bill Bailey as he journeys to the centre of a near infinite universe. 
"No Man's Sky with Bill Bailey"

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Witness the epic majesty of space. Join me, fellow travelers, as we journey through a magnificent universe of 18 quintillion planets. Behold, each tiny star is a solar system, full of brave new worlds as yet undiscovered. Let us chart a course for a distant galaxy. Engage hyperdrive! Oh, I've always wanted to say that. Oh hang on, we're off! This looks like a nice spot to pull over. I name this planet Bill-topia! Yeah, it's got a good ring to it. Let's explore this world for new species with which to trade, converse and possibly share a panini. Look at this! It's a club-handed eagle bouncer wombat! Here's the giant spiny boot mouth combat duck. And look! Look! The multi-eyed sentient marshmallows, joyfully gambling in their mating ritual. Oh, what do you want, just get the space crystals and get out of here. We must continue on to our ultimate goal: the very center of the universe.  
Have a pizza, fancy it? 
Yeah. Bill, do you wanna... 
Thanks, but I'm trading with the geck race. They have a tricksy language.  
Is that Bill Bailey? 
How'd he get here? 
Don't know. Think he comes with the game.  
Bow before me, cosmic underlings! 
He hasn't even let me have a go yet.  
PS4. For the players.

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No Man's Sky 
Your Universe Awaits 
No Man's Sky 
Out Now 
*Bill Bailey no included 
This Is For The Players 

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