Wake up. Leave Sprint and move to MetroPCS. 
"Hop out of the Sprint nightmare"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

I keep having this nightmare, where no one can here me. It's like I'm falling and falling into a web of lies. It's like wherever I turn it's another trap and the nightmare gets worse and worse every month. Sprint, you're a real nightmare.  
Wake up! Leave Sprint! Move to MetroPCS and get on a bigger, faster nationwide 4G LTE network for only $30 period. Taxes and fees included. Sprint can't give you that. Switch now and get a free Samsung Galaxy. MetroPCS. Wireless figured out.

Written Text

Wake Up 
Leave Sprint 
Move to metropcs 
4G LTE Network 
Data, Talk & Text 
Free 5" Screen Samsung Galaxy On5 
Wireless Figured Out.

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