"Come Seek the Royal Caribbean | Commercial" 
This is ATV pioneering down the road less travelled. This is hidden-treasure snorkeling and castle climbing in San Juan. Deck sixteen surf lessons while sailing to Labadee. Piton hiking in St. Lucia and triple waterslide riding on Harmony of the Seas. This is not the Caribbean. This is the Royal Caribbean. #ComeSeek

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Come seek the Royal Caribbean. 
Pack your backpack 
Mad world, it's a fact 
Put it in your hashtag 
Only one life to live 
You never gonna get it back, let's go 
Even if the road is long 
And I'm many, many miles from home 
This is where we all belong 
Many, many miles from home

Written Text

This is not page three of the guidebook 
This is San Juan Serenading 
Bolting to Aruba 
Piton Conquering  
and St. Thomas trailblazing 
This is not the Caribbean 
This is the Royal Caribbean 
Royal Caribbean International

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