“Joy to Drive” features a special long distance driving stretch routine designed to aid comfort before or after hitting the road. Created by fitness guru Akin Akman and demonstrated by model Nina Agdal and the first-ever Envision luxury SUV.  
"Joy to Drive: Built for Comfort - Nina Agdal, Akin Akman, & the First-Ever Buick Envision | Buick"

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Before your next journey, let's awaken the body and sharpen the mind with these simple moves inspired by the Buick Envision. Relieve tension with the neck release. And then with back mobility. These next two exercises increase your blood flow and heart rate, which will boost your overall alertness. Eccentric lower body squat. Eccentric upper body push-up. Take a few moments before your next journey and connect your mind with your movements. This will make every trip a joy to drive.

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Joy To Drive 
With Nina Agdal and Akin Akman 
Featuring Buick Envision

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