"Unlimited Ashton Eaton"

“Something that inspires me the most is people that do something that’s never been done.” – Ashton Eaton

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Success is failing over and over again without losing enthusiasm.
Keep it steady!
I pretty much believe in that.
Perfect! Perfect, perfect.
To me, practice is purposeful, intentional iterations of failure. You need those moments of...
Jump up! order to come back up. Realizing that, hey if I come out of this, I'm actually stronger. That's motivating. The things that have motivated me every day have changed over the years. Before it was getting the medals or getting the records. And now it's almost like there's this intangible something that's bigger than me. Something that inspires me the most is people who do something that's never been done. And every attempt, every day, it's part of the pursuit. How good can I be?
That was very good. Good.

Written Text

Unlimited Ashton
Unlimited Enthusiasm
Unlimited Chase
Unlimited Adventure
Unlimited Curiosity
Unlimited Faith
Unlimited Reps
Unlimited Risk
Unlimited Form
Unlimited Struggle
Unlimited Pursuit
Just Do It.

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