"Google Photos: Automatic Backup" 
Keep your photos safe with the free Google Photos app. This ad shows a guy jumping into the pool in slow motion. While he's in the air above the water, he realizes that he's still got his phone in his pocket. He's going to lose all his data, but most importantly his pictures. If he was using Google Photos, they'd be backed up already.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Look at Mr. Spontaneous. Feeling good today until you realize your phone is in your pocket. Sure, you can get a new one... but your photos. What will you do? Nothing. Because every pic and video you've ever taken in your entire life was already backed up. For free with Google Photos

Written Text

Search your photos 
Backing up photos 
Backup complete 
Google Photos 
Photos. For Life.

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