There are Olympians—and then there are Olympians like April Ross & Jennifer Kessy who deep condition. We know who the real winners are! See how #TeamAussome beats the odds and the heat. And make sure to follow Team USA as they take on the world at the Olympic Games in Rio this summer. 
"#TeamUSA Olympic Athletes Dig Deep Conditioning | Aussie Hair Care"

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The sun beating down. The sweat, the humidity. But no conditions are too tough for them. They overcame damage, tough breaks, but deep conditioning got them here.  
Wait, are you talking about our hair? 
To great results! A fantastic outcome. 
Guys, we just deep condition. 
No, you deep conditioned like Olympians. Keep your hair looking shiny and smooth with Aussie 3 MInute Miracle Moist.

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April Ross and Jen Kessy 
Olympic Silver Medalists 
3 Minute Miracle Moist 
Deep Condition Like An Olympian. 
P&G Worldwide Partner

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