Von Miller thinks you should build your Madden NFL 17 defense around him. And he’s got the moves to back it up. 
"Madden NFL 17 | Start Me ft. Von Miller"

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Build your team and take 'em all away. Madden NFL 17. EA Sports. It's in the game. Xbox One S starting at $299. 
(Lyrics) Just start me 
When I'm on your Madden team 
Rushing the pass, attacking league dudes are some strengths of mine 
Build your game strategy around me 'cause my rating is 99 
'Cause I just need one more shot to be MVP 
Yeah, we can win 
So I'm sayin' start me 
Let's do this 
Stop all plays just usin' my body 
When I'm on your Madden team 
Change your roster up and just start me 
Pick me 
Opponents never gonna make first downs 
Try and try they won't gain no ground 
Just start me 
Just start me

Written Text

Start Me 
Madden NFL 17 
August 23 
EA Sports 
Starting at $299 

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