Brooklyn Beckham x Honor 8. Go behind the scenes in Brooklyn’s world as he shares his creativity and individuality.
The film, shot by award-winning director Simon Cahn sees Brooklyn showcase his passions – from photography to skateboarding – and how the Honor 8 helps him create and share with the world.

"Honor 8 is here with Brooklyn Beckham"

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I'm Brooklyn, I'm 17 years old. Everyone thought I was gonna go in my dad's direction with football, but I kinda went in my own direction. I started, like carrying a camera with me every day, taking photos. If I wanna do something quickly then I just take my phone out and snap it. I feel a lot more comfortable behind the camera instead of in front of the camera. Whenever I'm on set, having the best time of my life, I love it. It's what I wanna do. I really try hard about what I want. I'm a really hard worker. I just wanna continue with, you know, living my life. Skating, photography, school, friends, family and just having fun.

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honor 8
12MP Dual Camera
3D Fingerprint
Fast Charging
For The Brave

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