"The Trump Dome Oreo's Commercial" 
This ad features Donald Trump and SNL's Darrell Hammond impersonating Donald Trump vs. Peyton Manning and Eli Manning in a "DSRL" (Double Stuff Racing League) eating competition. While the Trumps are talking about how great they are, the referee starts the competition and the Manning Brothers easily win.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Donald Trump: Boys, welcome to the Trump Dome. 
Peyton Manning: Uh, this is just your office. 
Darrell Hammond: Cool it, Johnny Touchdown. 
Referee: Ready! 
Donald Trump: Gentlemen, you're about to lose to the smartest... 
Darrell Hammond: ...most classy 
Donald Trump: Highest quality. 
Darrell Hammond: Handsomest DSRL champions ever. In fact, soon the Trump organization will acquire the Manning name and turn it into a luxury... 
Mannings: Done! Done! 
Referee: Winner! 
Eli Manning: Taste it, Trump! 
Peyton Manning: How does that feel, Donny? 
Donald Trump: You're fired. 
Darrell Hammond: You're fired. 
Donald Trump: Nice suit. 
Darrell Hammond: You're a dashing man. 
Donald Trump: I know it. 
Singers; DRSL, yeah!

Written Text

Trump Tower 
Double Stuf Oreo 
Celebrate @

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