The '90s are back! Get your wardrobe ready for back-to-school with Macy’s. Shop this season’s must-haves like nostalgic throwback looks, camo prints, activewear, denim and more! 
"Macy’s Back-to-School Juniors' Commercial Featuring De La Soul’s Me Myself and I"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Get back, throw back. Right now at Macy's. 
(Lyrics) Mirror, mirror on the wall 
Tell me, mirror, what is wrong? 
What I do ain't make believe 
People say I sit and try  
But when it comes to being De La  
It's just me myself and I  
It's just me myself and I 
It's just me myself and I

Written Text

Get Back 
Throw Back 
Rad Fashion 
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Material Girl, American Rag, Tees & More 
Smooth Moves 
25 - 40% Off 
Active Material Girl, Jessica Simpson & More 
Dope Denim 
Denim From Levi's & More 
29.99 - 39.99 

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