Watch your favorite DC superheroes all week long on The CW, starting Mondays this fall! 
"Superhero All Week Trailer | The CW"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Stand back.  
How'd you do that? 
I'm Supergirl. 
You're who now? 
Come on! 
This fall, it's all super all week. On The CW. 
(Lyrics) Winner takes all so let’s get it on 
Watch your back 'cause here we come 
We are Victorious 
We’ll rise we’ll shine 
We’ve got what it takes to be Victorious 
Let's go

Written Text

Supergirl Mondays 
The Flash Tuesdays 
Arrow Wednesdays 
DC's Legends Of Tomorrow Thursdays 
All Super 
All Week 
The CW 
Dare To Defy

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