Smokers earn 20% less cash than non-smokers. Less cash = less time hanging with the squad.  
"#Squadless | truth"

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I'm stuck with Pee-Pop who smells like a foot 
While my squad's at the movies and they're seeing something good. 
If I didn't smoke, I'd have the cash to go, too 
I miss 'em so bad 
I'm squadless 
I got no cash to hang with my squad 
So now by default I'm a photoshop god 
I don't have the memories or experiences to share 
But I can put my head on the body of a bear 
I'm squadless 
Making less cash I'm watching concerts from a tree 
My squad's up front and I can't even see 
But I connect with nature here, feeling the breeze 
OMG, are those killer bees? 
I'm squadless 
Don't go squadless 
Got that whack smoking paycheck 
Don't go squadless

Written Text

Fact: Smokers Earn 20% Less Cash Than Non-Smokers 
Less Cash Means Doing Less Stuff With Your Squad 
Don't Go #Squadless

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