"The Unseen | It Can Wait | AT&T" 
The road is full of people whose lives are at risk the second you take your eyes off the road to look at your phone. If you'd never use your phone with someone in the car, you shouldn't do it alone. 
You are never alone on the road. Distracted driving is never ok. Take the pledge to never drive distracted at

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I know, right? She was like my favorite. 
Janie likes Ryan. Janie likes Ryan. 
She sort of does like him, right? 
Go, go! 
Have fun. 
What happened? 
Bye. I'll pick you up at 3. 
Hey, don't freak out. 
Uh oh, what? 
The kids left the gate open. You with Janie? 
Just dropped them all off at the pool. Where's Muffin? 
No idea. Honey, this is the second time this week. 
Maybe he's at the Millers again. 
If I find him, I'll let you know. I'm gonna be so late. I gotta go. Love you. 
Alright. Love you. 
Was that Janie's mom? 
Who are you? 
I'm Justin. I live up the road. Do you mind dropping me off? 
Sure, but uh, you know Janie? 
I'm a friend of hers at school. 
I used to love soccer when I was your age. 
Yeah, it's fun. 
What position do you want to play? 
Ladies love strikers. 
Which house is it? 
A couple more. 
You really shouldn't be out here by yourself. 
Who's Muffin? Are you 40? 
Yes, I mean... He's our dog. 
Do you wanna answer that? 
Uh, nah, never with a kid in the car. 
It's okay. I'm not here. I'm there.

Written Text

You're never alone on the road.  
Distracted driving is never OK. 
It Can Wait | AT&T

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