America led by Hillary will be an AMERICA where things get even WORSE than it is now. Higher taxes, rampant TERRORISM and MORE CORRUPTION from Washington, DC! TOGETHER, we WILL Make America Great Again! 
"Donald J. Trump Is The Only President Who Can Fix America | Donald J. Trump For President"

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You heard the speech. But behind the glitter lies this stark truth. In Hillary Clinton's America things get worse. Under her dishonest plan taxes keep rising, terrorism spreads, Washington insiders remain in control. Americans losing their jobs, homes and hope. In Donald Trump's America, people are put back to work. Our families are safe. The American dream achievable again. Change that makes America great again. 
I'm Donald Trump and I approve this message.

Written Text

The Speech 
In Hillary Clinton's America 
Things Get Worse 
Taxes Keep Rising 
Terrorism Spreads 
Jobs, Homes, Hope 
Donald Trump's America 
Make America Great Again! 

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