"Dick's Pizza - Extended Cut" 
You haven't eaten pizza until you've eaten Dick's!

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Hey, pizza lovers. I'm Dick, and I'm here to announce the grand opening of my brand new pizzeria - Dick's Pizza. Not sure how much Dick's you can handle? No sweat. Dick's comes in large, medium, and small. No matter the size, Dick's is sure to satisfy because even our smallest Dick's are 10 inches long! 
Some like it thin, others like it thick. That's why you can choose from thin crust or Deep Dick. We have Dick's for everyone. Dick's for your dad. Bring me my pipe. Dick's for you mom. Mommy loves you. Dick's for your grandma. No one visits me. Dick's for your wife. Your ex-wife, whatever. 
Nothing livens up a party like a big serving of Dick's. Ding dong. There's a bunch of Dick's at your door. We deliver. So get off your computer and eat Dick. For more information, click here. 
It's big and it's gooey, 
It's saucy and it's chewy. 
What's in my mouth? 
It's gotta be Dick's!

Written Text

Dick's Pizza 
Richard Long - Pizzeria Owner 
Dick's coming soon 
Heavy Load!!! 
Large Dick's! Medium Dick's! Small Dick's! 
Thin! Thick! 
Deep Dick 
Poppa! Momma! Nonna! Ex-Wife! 
Diks Pls 
More Dick's Here

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