In this totally kid-created commercial, Emilly and Juliana show us all the creative ways to use an Embark Backpack. Lucky for their parents, Embark Backpacks are so durable, they’re guaranteed to last for one year. 
"Target Back to School 2016: How To Use A Backpack"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

I like to use my backpack as a basketball.  
I use mine as a science experiment.  
As an emergency umbrella.  
To help feed a friend.  
A drum solo! 
I just use my backpack for books and stuff.  
Embark Backpacks. Guaranteed for one year. 
(Lyrics) Incredible, yeah

Written Text

To Backpacks & Beyond 
Embark Backpacks Guaranteed For One Year 
To Creativity & Beyond 
To School & Beyond 
a kid-made production

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