"Mr. Church" tells the story of a unique friendship that develops when a little girl and her dying mother retain the services of a talented cook - Henry Joseph Church. What begins as a six month arrangement instead spans fifteen years, and creates a family bond that lasts forever. 
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Henry Joseph Church could've been anything he wanted. He chose to cook. The key, he said, jazz. 
Good morning. I see you met Charlie. 
Not officially. Good morning, Charlotte. My name's Mr. Church.  
When Mr. Church came into our lives, I wanted him gone. 
Hope you don't mind. I bring books with me everyplace I go.  
I hate reading. 
But over time, I couldn't imagine life without him. 
Mr. Church! I'd like to check out a book.  
What kind of a deal did Richard make with you? 
I was asked to cook for you and your child till you passed on.  
And through it all, I never knew mama was sick. I never knew anything until much later.  
You are so beautiful.  
I got accepted to Boston University. 
I'm so proud of you. 
Why do you care, you won't be around to see it anyway.  
My mama had been the sun to me. 
She always accompanied the  
And Mr. Church? He was like the moon. Cool, calm and always there.  
What's gonna happen now? 
You're gonna call Boston University and tell them Charlotte Brody will be attending. 
It's funny how life has a way of moving forward. 
I thought by now you'd be a very serious novelist. 
I guess you could say we were lost after mama died.  
What are you doing? 
Oh, I'm just... 
OK, well, now you got to go.  
There's one rule that you break. 
What is it with all the secrets and lies? I just wanted to tell you, Mr. Church.  
But wherever life takes you and no matter how hard it gets, you can always find your way back home.  
Surprise! Aren't you gonna ask me how it happened? 
I know how girls get pregnant, Charlotte.  
Come on, Charlie, you can't go on living with your cook forever. 
My cook? Richard set aside enough money for mama to live six months. Do you know who paid all of our bills all of those years after that? Mr. Church. He saved us.  
Do you have a place to stay? 
She lives with me.  
You gave me the most important thing life can offer. You gave me a family.  
(Lyrics) Turn down the lights tonight 
The moon's our guide 
Let's get lost, ignore the signs 
Let's run from the dawn 
Before it knows we are gone 
We dance, we sing, we live 
We love tonight

Written Text

This September 
From Academy Award Nominee Director 
Bruce Beresford 
Eddie Murphy  
"is a revelation" - The Hollywood Reporter 
Britt Robertson 
"displays understated delicacy and maturity" - Variety 
Mr. Church 
September 16

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