Introducing the Kentucky Buckets, America’s newest professional football team and not a fake team made up to sell chicken. That’s right! Football! Confetti! Chicken! Two-point conversions! Mashed potatoes! Touchdown! Other football stuff! KFC $20 Fill Ups! Sundays! Football! Go team! Buckets! Buy chicken! Kickoff! Gravy! 
"Kentucky Fried Chicken | Real Team"

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Howdy, folks! I'm Colonel Sanders. Owner, head coach and marketing director of America's newest professional football team. The Kentucky Buckets! A real team and not just a marketing gimmick to get buckets of delicious chicken in front of football fans. Isn't that right, starting quarterback? 
Yes. We are a real team. 
So watch the Buckets with a KFC $20 Fill Up. Now available with extra crispy tenders! It's finger lickin' good!

Written Text

Kentucky Buckets 
$20 Fill Up

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