Some roads are less traveled because they are too intimidating to the fearful. Others because they just don’t exist and require a hard­-to-­get certification from a two-­day asphalt tamper safety seminar at the manufacturer’s testing ground facilities in Akron. Whichever road is taken, the hardworking power of Old Spice Dirt Destroyer will be there at the finish to wash away all the mistakes and victories. 

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

I always take the road less traveled. And if the road hasn't been traveled at all, I make my own road. Pave my own path. Make my own asphalt. Adhere to strict transportation guidelines. Build a shower. Use the hardworking power of Old Spice Dirt Destroyer to clean me off. Get back to that road so I can get to the game. On my own terms.

Written Text

Stay Unforsweatable 
Old Spice

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