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"Ron Rivera, Sean Payton, & Mike Shanahan Go Undercover | Football is Family"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

These people I'm approaching have lost ticket stubs. 
Yes. He thought he was getting the real deal. You're ambushing him. 
He's there? All right, here we go.  
You here to but the tickets? 
Hey, buddy, you here for the tickets? 
Do you know the tickets? Is that you? 
You here for the tickets? 
Are you Ron Rivera? 
You look like Ron Rivera. 
Oh, I'm sorry. I get that a lot.  
Oh, man. Coach Shanahan.  
What were you thinking? 
We're doing like a seedy instead of going to NFL Ticket Exchange. I mean... 
You gotta get your tickets on NFL Ticket Exchange.  
That way you know you're getting the real deal.  
You are Ron Rivera. 
Yes, I am. How're you doing? 
I'm sorry, can I get a selfie with you? 
You wanna take a selfie? Sure, let's take a selfie. 
NFL Ticket Exchange. 100% verified authentic tickets from one fan to the other. 
I like that. I looked good in that picture, didn't I? How'd you recognize me so quickly?

Written Text

Coach Shanahan 
Coach Rivera 
Coach Payton 
Family always keeps it real. 
Football Is Family 

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