This 1980's ad for McDonald's features Jason Alexander doing a song and dance in his pre-Seinfeld days when he had hair.

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Hey! You say you're getting tired of lettuce and tomato hamburgers in this town that don't quite make it.
You say that just once you'd like your hamburger hot and your lettuce and tomato cool and crisp all at the same time.
Well I say, you got it. I'm talking about McDonald's new lettuce and tomato hamburger - the McDLT.

I'm talking quarter pound of beef on the hot, hot side
And the hot stays hot
The new McDLT (hot, hot)
Crisp lettuce and tomato on the cool, cool side
And the cool stays cool
The Mc-D-L-T (cool, crisp)
The beef stays hot, the cool stays crisp
Put it together you can't resist
The hottest taste, the coolest dish
Keep the hot, hot
Keep the cool, cool
Hot Mc and the D
Cool crisp LT
It's a good time for the great taste of McDonald's

Could be the best lettuce and tomato hamburger ever.

Written Text

New McD.L.T.

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