"iPhone 7 - Balloons" 
The all-new iPhone 7, with expressive messages. Practically magic. 
This ad shows a red balloon coming out of the window of a house in the country. Instead of floating away into the sky, it travels across the country, down to the ocean, through a forest, and finally into a city (Chicago). It finds a yellow balloon under a bridge and they start traveling together. When they come out, there are thousands more balloons in the city. Many of them make their way into an apartment of a woman. She receives a message from her friend/boyfriend/husband telling her happy birthday, and an "Expressive Message" which includes balloons which is where all the (now millions) of balloons came from.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

I will follow you 
Follow you wherever you may go 
There isn't an ocean too deep 
Or mountain so high it can keep 
Keep me away 
Away from my love 
You are my destiny 
I love you, I love you, I love you 
Where you go I'll follow, I'll follow, I'll follow 
You'll always be my true love

Written Text

Marc - Handwritten Message 
<3 Happy Birthday 
Expressive messages on iPhone 7 
Practically magic

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