New jeans alert! Move, dance and groove in Old Navy jeans with built-in-sculpt for women, built-in-flex for men and kids, and ballerina for girls. All jeans are now on sale up to 50% off—from $15 for adults, $10 for kids! Valid 9/23-10/2. 
"Make Your Move In New Old Navy Jeans :15"

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(Lyrics) If you leave with me 
We'll be on till morn 
Then we rinse and repeat 
And it just goes on 
And it just goes on 
And it just goes on 
Then we rinse and repeat

Written Text

Old Navy 
New Jeans 
Built-In Sculpt 
Built-In Flex 
Ballerina With Stretch 
All Jeans 
Up To 50% Off 
Adults From $15 
Kids From $10

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