"Our Town"

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This is Lynchburg, Tennessee. This is how many people were born here. This is how many were fifth generation. This is how many are named Hiawatha Kitty McGee. These people have served their country. This is how many will still be in town when the football team plays at Huntland. She's from Taiwan, he's German. This guy keeps the town dry. These guys would prefer it a little wet. This many have ejected from an SR-71 Blackbird and lived to tell about it. He can lift a 500 pound barrel of whiskey. These are the descendants of Mr. Jack Daniel himself. This is how many people are proud of what we do here. This is how many will go around bragging about it. This is our town. For 150 years the home of Jack Daniel's. If you can't get here, just look for one of our postcards. We send them all over. They look like this.

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Jack Daniel's 
Tennessee Whiskey

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