Jared Young’s daring first novel asks: what would you do if you could relive any moment of your life? 
"Into The Current | Full Trailer [HD]"

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Please make sure all your seatbelts are securely fastened.

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The Ground-Breaking First Novel By Jared Young 
"Fast-Paced Funny Philosophical Unforgettable" - Todd Babiak author of Come Barbarians 
"A Tornado Of A Quarter-Life-Crisis Novel" - Todd Babiak author of Come Barbarians 
"Brilliant" - Christine Fischer Guy author of Umbrella Mender 
"Terrifically Fun" - Corey Redekop author of Husk 
"A Vertiginous Disorienting Thrill-Ride That Marks The Emergence Of An Exciting New Voice" - Hal Niedviecki author of The Archeologists 
Into The Current

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