From 1967 to 2017, the Camaro is an artistic statement for each generation. It is you, personified. See the Camaro 50th Anniversary mural created right before your eyes! Use #CamaroFifty and share your Camaro story. 
"Celebrate the Camaro 50th Anniversary – Camaro Is Art | Chevrolet"

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We wanted to celebrate the importance of us having been around for 50 years. 
The Camaro is art. It has a definite statement for each generation. When it came out in 1967, it hit spot on with the times, There was a very active, youthful movement expressing oneself by wrapping Chevrolet sheet metal around you. I have a fondness for that gen, too. The car is you personified. It's fans share a lot of creative passion for the car, passion for performance and for styling. That was passed along in every generation. I would define the 80s as an era of excess. The sky is the limit. Out of the showroom on to the drag strip. IROC was a force to be reckoned with. Such a cool car, and it was an awesome car. The 4th gen was a little bit of everything. The styling was very decade appropriate. It just kinda lived on its legacy in this era. Now all of a sudden it's gone after 4 generations. I don't think anybody ever lost the faith that it would come back someday. And so when it was actually time to bring it back, it was the most exciting time, like, could this really be happening? We need to take what worked well in the first gen and get a contemporary design, so people look back at 5th gen and say, I gotta get one of those. I think we've done a really good job at tying some key track-related Camaros of the past into the 6th generation. It looks leaner. The feature lines are much stronger. It looks like a faster car. Still the same fighter, but faster and stronger. We feel it's our duty to come in every day and try to make the Camaro better today than it was yesterday.

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Camaro Chief Engineer 
Al Oppenheiser 

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