This story honors the moments that don’t come around very often. Those rare moments, when everything goes according to plan. Those times when a Friday night is transformed from any old Friday, into one you hold as a standard for all other Fridays to come. That’s why BJ’s is the place to go. No other place will treat that moment with the due reverence it deserves, because no one else crafts every little detail to make the most of that kind of moment. 
"Stars Align"

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We know that that Monday when Tony was in town, the game was on and Sarah took the kids, that wasn't any old Monday. It was a Monday the stars aligned and it mattered. We understand that your lunch hour is often just 48 precious minutes between time sheets and spreadsheets. And we see the subtle difference between Friday night and your first Friday night off this month. Yeah, here at BJ's, we get it, that those small batch moments don't come around every day. It's why we obsess over every detail of our brewhouse. It's why we mastered our world famous pizzookie, and why our crafted beers have won over 160 awards. So we're pulling pitchers of everything, from high-fives to hand-holding to winning with a Hail Mary from 45 yards. Because there's a big difference between going out and spending time, and we want to make sure that every minute you spend with us counts.

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