Hugs mark special moments in time. Since we have a bunch of special moments at BJ’s, and we craft every moment to matter, we see a lot of hugs. We also see a bunch of different kinds of hugs. This story celebrates every single one of them. 

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Hugs come in all kinds of flavors. There's the "I haven't seen you in forever" hug. The "We should do this more often" hug. The "I can't believe that just happened" hug. There's the "We're gonna miss you" hug. The "#Datenight" hug. And then there's the "We hug in our own way" kind of hug. Each one marks an important little moment in time, and here at BJ's, we see lots of hugs. That's why we obsess over every detail of our Brewhouse. From our enlightened menu that's just the right amount of healthy to our award-winning locally crafted beers. We know that every one of those details matter. And they all add up to more little moments that count. Which means, more hugs all around.

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