"Donald Trump Campaign Ad! Do You Really Need To Ask Hillary?"

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Why aren't I 50 points ahead, you ask. 
Maybe it's because the director of the FBI said you lied about your email. 
There was classified material emailed. 
Or maybe it's because your policies have allowed ISIS and terrorism to spread. Or maybe it's because you call Americans deplorable. 
You could put HALF of Trump's supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables. 
Why aren't I 50 points ahead, you might ask. 
Do you really need to ask? 
I'm Donald Trump and I approve this message.

Written Text

Clinton lied about emails 
"there was classified material emailed" - FBI Director, 7/7/16 
allowed ISIS to spread 
Trump's supporters are a basket of deplorables 
do you really need to ask? 
Make America Great Again! 

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