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At Centra, Live Every Day is about living in the moment, it’s about making the most of every day. We believe in encouraging and enabling you to take each day as it comes and live it. We don’t preach or judge but rather celebrate a wonderfully busy life and help you to take it in your stride without sacrifice or compromise. We understand you live wonderfully busy lives and we want to help you make healthier choices through our Live Well range, be the place to go to treat yourself once in a while, have fresh quality food for any time of the day whilst all the time ensuring we are offering you value for money. 
* Man bringing breakfast in bed to his wife 
* Bulldog dressed with rabbit ears 
* Man dancing at home 
* Worker with a breast cancer pink ribbon on 
* Woman running up some stairs outside 
* Man taking a selfie at work 
* Someone eating a piece of bread with alphabet soup on top 
* Boy tossing a pine cone with a lacrosse stick 
* Family watching a movie at home 
* People at a festival

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Today is your day. Make the most of it. Centra - live every day 
Here and now lets get this strait 
Boogaloo baby I made it big 
Because I gave it the latin beat 
You know child I'm kind of hard to beat 
Just commence your feet to skate 
Pick up your arms and make 'em shake 
baby if you think you are shy 
do me a favor honey go some place and hide.

Written Text

Today I'm starting over 
Today I'm a rabbit 
Today I'm dancing like nobody's watching 
Today I'm giving something back 
Today I'm going nuts 
Today I'm unveiling the new me 
Today I'm eating 
Today I'm King Henry 
Today I'm at a premiere 
Today is turning into tomorrow 
Centra, Hippo 
Centra - live every day

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