We’ve been given two wonderful gifts. 
Without argument, the best world there is. 
And a life to experience that world. 
Sometimes, all we need is a little shift of perspective to actually appreciate how much we truly have. 
Experience life, discover the best planet we know. 
"S7 Airlines - #thebestplanet"

Written Text

It's hard to describe this beauty in words 
All this life... 
...and light 
Here, you don't want to miss anything 
Long shadows at the end of the day... 
Sometimes you can see the aurora... 
Stars all around 
One, two, three... 
Thunderstorms on the horizon 
You can feel a kind of life-energy everywhere 
Nothing ever becomes normal here 
And to see it all with your own eyes... 
It's an incredible experience 
Think about it... 
All history 
Everything we care about 
It's all here on this little blue island... 
...hanging in a sea of nothingness 
I see the world every day 
You have the word every day 
Andrey Borinsenko 
Discover The Best Planet We Know 
More Than 1,000 Destinations 
S7 Airlines

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