Celebrating Canadiana in a tongue and cheek manner, Stanfield's introduces its Legendary Comfort campaign. 
"Stanfield's Canadian Pride (extended) October 2016"

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Jeff from Kelowna writes, 'Dear Stanfield's, Buying Canadian is very important to me. Is it really true that most of your manufacturing is still done in small town Nova Scotia?'. Well, Jeff, when most people think of Canada, they think of Mounties, donuts, maple syrup, beavers, back bacon, and of course, beer. But arguably, there's nothing more Canadian than a pair of Stanfield's. We've been making quality products in Canada since 1856, providing good jobs for great people. Stanfield's isnt' just a Canadian company, we're more Canadian that a goalie eating Poutine saying sorry.  
Sorry, yeah? 
Close that five-hole, Jacques.

Written Text

Dear Stanfield's 
Legendary Letters 
We Work Here 
Legendary Comfort  
Since 1856

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It plays...
O Canada composed by Calixa Lavallée; written by Robert Stanley Weir

O Canada
composed by Calixa Lavallée; written by

This Song is played in Stanfield's Commercial

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