Be like Girlboss. Make your business official with a custom domain, business email, and a beautiful website from Google and Squarespace.  
"G Suite x Squarespace Present: Girlboss (:60)"

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When I was 18, my life was very different. But I knew it was up to me to change myself. You never know when your life will collide with opportunity. Make sure people see the value and beauty in what you're selling. You gotta dream big, figure out what you love doing and don't suck at, and make a living doing just that. Don't become a bore, don't be scared, don't ever grow up.  
Ladies and gentlemen, Sophia Amoruso. 
Girlboss is about being the boss of your own life. How you present online is everything. When you're ready to take control, get started with a professional email from Google and a beautiful website from Squarespace.

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G Suite x Squarespace 
1982 Vintage Denim Jacket $32 
Online Resale Value $300 
Check out the #Girlboss Rally 
Custom Domain | Business Email | Beautiful Website

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