Richard Sherman shows you how to lose the additives and pick up the pistachios.  
"Snack Smarter with Richard Sherman - Sofa"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

I'm the league's best quarterback because I'm the smartest. To be the best fans, you gotta snack smarter. Do you know what's in these? 
And try disodium guanylate. 
Ooh, what about the nachos? 
Nachos? You mean no-chos. You know what all that cheese'll do to you? 
My grandpappy says too much dairy can make a grown man lactate.  
That's strange. You're a strange guy. But pistachios are smart snacking.  
Grandpappy did nurse all 12 of us. 
That's messed up.

Written Text

Wonderful Pistachios 
Snack Smarter 
Get Crackin'

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