Two women are at a children's birthday party. The hostess of the party tells her friend that Walmart has great deals on everything needed to put the birthday celebration together. Meanwhile, the dad is dressed up as a clown for the party entertainment. As he sneaks down the stairs, ready to surprise the kids, he jumps onto a toy unicorn on the floor and frightens all the kiddos with his unexpected and loud screaming.  
"Walmart Clown Commercial"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

It's time for daddy to make some funny.  
Yeah, we got all of this at Walmart. The decorations, the tablecloths, all of the food. And we even saved enough money for the...the um... 
...for the clown outfit.  
Unbeatable prices backed by our price match guarantee. Save money. Live better. Walmart.

Written Text

Unbeatable Prices 
Price Match Guarantee 
Save money. Live better.

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